Office summer clothing ideas

What do you wear and do without sweating?
At hot weather, clothes may be a challenge for the office. In fact, do not crash your way while you are not dead with cold on your desk. Either HR feather can not really be an Olympic sports. To master the delicate rules of summer workwear, please get inspiration from these chic and fashionable clothes.
Invest in shirt dress

Shirts and pumps are a handy and perfect combination to transport you during the summer.
Night sandals 2 GB

Let’s enjoy a drink in the office using an elegant strappy sandal proved to be a versatile staple.

Medium skirt is the ultimate blank canvas to prepare an infinite amount of summer costumes for work.

4 Kiss and pea
The hottest prints in the season will work in both office and weekend. As long as you crown with high heel shoes, sneakers, sandals, the Polka dot dress is far away.

Bright 5 GB or go home
Please brighten the office with a sunny yellow dress that gives you sunshine.
A good pair of 6 white trousers will change the game

You can not go wrong with the classic white and black look – a pair of white panties is best for summer workwear.

7 Please try matching 2 part sets
Coordinated two-piece set will function as a summer version of the power combination.

8 White button down walks a long way
Regardless of skirts and dresses, please do not underestimate the power of classic white buttons. The seams are always fresh and properly styled.

9 Get creativity of layering
Please wear a sleeveless dress on a casual white T – shirt and give a casual contrast.

Cool 10 Keep Parts
A loose and airy fabric such as loose pants or a soft blouse will keep you calm during your morning commute time without feeling overeating.
11 Upgrade the skirt of the pencil
Please wear a playful skirt with a short sleeve T – shirt. Please spread your clothes in a pair of high heel mules.
12 Raise your blazer sleeve
A lightweight silhouette stylish blazer further complements the professional feelings.
Play with 13 colors
Please get a basic white button-down shirt while wearing a colorful skirt or pants. Please complete your clothes with a classic pump.
They can not go wrong with the classics
By combining panties and flat heels, I will work the madness of blue and white striped shirts in the office.
Do not count the maxi skirt – a structured pencil silhouette gives instant, glossy appearance.

Idea of ​​rainy day equipment to get a shower in April

Aprilduschen brings a big dilemma in the spring. Due to changes in temperature and intermittent rain, the spring weather provides a stylistic obstacle for a fashionable fashionable set. Fortunately, the clear PVC trend of the season, the reconstructed trench coat and plentiful colors enable easier dressing than ever for spring rain. Looks like a street style that gets inspired by this season and waits for more rainy days.

New raincoat
Cliché, the age of the eternal raincoat is over – this spring’s PVC trend offers lots of chic outerwear styles.
Under my umbrella
Elegant and sophisticated classic – From elegant trench jacket to sculptural earrings, mini leather handbags – work in rain and light.
Color travel
Please use a jacket of vivid colors and patterns to experience a dull rainy day.

Please see the spot
Please show luxurious accent with wide pants and umbrella shaped chic leopard.

Bring the sun.
On a sunny day wearing vivid and bold yellow clothes, it lies in the form of dresses, jackets, accessories.
Waterproof accessories
Please see Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2018 collection using transparent PVC hat, pocket, boots. This spring features a crisp and highly waterproof part.
Reconstructed groove
Take a break in your camel moat and pick a new printed repeat.
Vibration of vinyl
The perfect blend of raincoat and trench coat is a vinyl coat jacket of the season.
Rainbow Bright
With a colorful umbrella that completely complements every rain set, it will soak in the spring rainbow trend.

Purple rain
Bold, colorful waterproof boots are decorated above the sophisticated holes.

Tyler · Joe
Let’s fight the rain with pink to ice blue, and more pastel colors in the spring.

Tyler · Joe
As I said, there is no better way to fight April than with the help of flowers. Consider flower print jacket, umbrella and pants.

Summer fashion trend of 2018: everyone should read

It is time to transfer to the trend train – here is the ultimate guide to the SS18 trend other than catwalk
The fashion moon dust fell, I missed the suitcase from the Paris fashion week (I can not find a naked earring yet), the people on the street are back to the glitter of the show. We conducted research on the fashion trends of spring and summer in 2018. It is a good opportunity to design a wardrobe next time. To be honest, starting this wish list is not too early. Especially if you want more than the hope of getting this Gucci banana bag. What did you learn from Fashion Week NY / London / Milan / Paris?
There are two words Fashion Prozac. It was no doubt that after years of politics (and almost everything else) the designers reacted in the only possible way. Attractive, colorful and enjoyable clothes that took us to another world. Rainbow color care ride scope, delicious new sweet almond pastel, unification of Versace’s Insta Supermodels, a mighty 80’s dress, OTT texture and a great fringe. Message: It may be a bit dark at the moment, but at least we can make ourselves happy …
The designer attacked the Pantone color chart and expressed vivid primary colors. Tomato red strongly indicated the presence of Preen at Victoria Beckham. There are cobalt, emerald green, bright yellow. Look at Balenciaga from head to toe – the season where you win the most cool and crazy collaboration with Canary’s yellow dress of the same shade as the long sleeve top equipped with Balenciaga’s Croco platform.
The delicate hues of delicate almonds became fashion statements shaking the meaning of hyacinth buckets. Inspired by Sally and women’s rights movement, Preen’s attractive show was a master class of ways to make pretty powerful dresses. One shoulder dress and drape are draped with delicate shades Pale pink and green. Big news: Most of the colors of Lilac, Queen Mams are ready for a big comeback. I will buy a lilac bag now. Or take with Neapolitan people such as CélinesCreme and Pink Combo.

Princess Di and her peak in the late 1980s had a great influence on some of the most important shows of the season. Virgil Abro was clearly thinking about the 20th anniversary of his death. He devoted all the broken white shows to him. And it was a sudden unexpected treatment of his label which was usually street wear oriented. Puff sleeve sleeves, high-waisted jeans, white boots, large print dresses and more. Givenchy ‘s first show at Claire Waight Kellner was a fluid parade of a firm check blouse of Working Girl style graphics and cowboy boots. During St. Laurent Fashion Week in Paris, Anthony Vaka Kerlo regained all the glory of the night. Powerful Beans – That is one thing.

Monsoon Mode: Increase your mood style as it rains

Avoid long trousers, choose shorts, panties, cute capri. Denim’s drying time is so long that it gives boost to denim. Let’s change the jacket with a trendy windbreaker or trench coat. Combine it with your clothes and you’re done.
Many people expect monsoon, but dirty roads and cloudy weather have the ability to throw people away. In the rainy season, some people give up fashion choices and feel comfortable before the style.
But experts suggest ways to upgrade your game to fashion merchant during rain.
Fashion designer Rhythm Goyal says it is important to ensure the fabrics worn this season. “Since cotton, polyester, lycra, nylon are easy to dry and are strong against dirt and dirty water, please do not wear cloth adhering to the skin
Goyal added that the fluid skirt should be saved in another season to avoid mistakes. For him, the monsoon is the details of the mini skirt. “Avoid long trousers, choose cute shorts, panties, Capri, it takes quite a long time to change the jacket with windbreaker or trendy trench coat in Denmark, costumes are completed.” Mr. Goyal added.
Designer Sheetal Batra insists on choosing dark legging that can eliminate long Salam camas (costumes) and combine with short cucumbers.
Rather than shedding dupattas, a considerable cotton scarf may be a good choice, and if saris is indispensable to individuals, muslin sally becomes a safer bet.
“Although it is better to leave Sally recently, if you are wearing, do not bring it closer to designers or those who tend to paint after wet.The lightly fluffy Muslin Sari is an elegant choice practice,” Battler Said.
The color also plays an important role in the monsoon season.
Designer Rebecca Dewan attracting Bollywood celebrities such as Sushmita Sen, Soha Ali, Urvashi Rautela, “completely pops up your wardrobe with pop colors, print fabrics, light footwear”.
“In this rainy season make your clothes bigger and open these shoes, leather shoes, huge tops, pastels and turn sandals, capri, colorful umbrellas alike”.
The designer also suggested that fluo or bright tones such as Ocean Blue, Marine Green, Peach Pink, Lemon Yellow act wonderfully to relieve mood during showering.
However, it is not a good idea to wear white during monsoon, because white clothes get wet and slightly translucent and become somewhat unequal.
Please confirm that the rainy season silhouette is “clean” in terms of cut and pattern.
“The monsoon must have too many keywords, the keyword’s monsoon is simple and simple, it is suitable for monsoon clothes, Dewan said.
For the rainy season, convenient styles such as asymmetric tunics, chambray dresses, top of crops, tank tops, Florie Maxis will be good ideas.
Even long pants are no no. They get dirty in the middle of their work. And you combine western clothes and flower trench coats and jackets to keep the cool wind of the night warm. ”
“People who prefer traditional Indian costumes of the monsoon era are also good choices to avoid the Salwar and Patty Aria, take short Curtis with leggings and cuirida, and change the sound of the cafis,” Dewan says I will.

Seven celebrity fashion trends not so obvious

You have almost all the necessities of the summer wardrobe you need. Now that we are full-blown, it’s time to pay attention to the less obvious tendency for celebrities to live. It is one of wearing clothes for the weather, but it is another thing, stand out on the coveralls and dress seas.

There! An unexpected summer trend makes you a stylist.

Audubon print: The sun is out, the grass is green, there are plenty of birds. As Gigi Hadid, Lily Collins, Karolina Kurkova showed, these are not just your average canary. They are your big chicken with Audubon. They combine vintage sophistication and fantasy touch and are ideal for the next branch, picnic, or outdoor movies dating nights.
Terminator sunglasses: Stylish and angular sunglasses are still popular? please do not worry. However, this summer, veterans such as Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Kim Caldashian West have proven that it is better to grow it sometimes. These oversized damage is usually rectangular, covering most of your face … I understand if you want to keep secret state.

Chinoiserie-Esque Prints: You are at the same level as Olivia Wilde, Meghan Markle, and Natalia Vodianova when chatting your grandma’s channel. It is just like a mattress, but if the sharp accessories are properly balanced, your appearance will be valuable.
Summer time suit: summer summer time suit: summer pants suit is here, he is strong, proud, fully dictatorial.
Pants suit is here, it is strong, proud, and completely boss. Please have a page of Bella, Ciara, Evangelin’s style book and cooperate in the next business meeting. Extra points if you have enough courage to combine your repetition with a dad sneaker like a model.
Printing from head to toe: Even if it is a combination or a coordinated package, it stands out when wearing prints and patterns on the spot. This trend has a happy drawing like Heidi Krumm, a more sensual style like Evangelin Lilly, or an international jet set like actress Qin Hanyu.

Preppy Polo Shirts: Are the resurrection of Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle? maybe. Stars like Dakota Johnson, Mayowa Nichola, Bella Hadid show that the classical trend is good for the right partner. To remove unexpected things from the wardrobe, please combine with annoying denim or colorful prints. Always choose a truncated version or a plugged in version when you try the trend. After all, you do not want to look cluttered.

Seven fashion trends you will wear this summer

Spring has finally come, summer comes.
But, what is the meaning of our wardrobe?
There is not too drastic, you are glad to hear the voice of Wallflowers. But after the parade in September last year, we all have fantasy, soft pastel shades and plenty of plastic filled season.

1. to fly

Ruffle frills are not this season, there is a way to adapt to this trend depending on your style, regardless of whether you are a particularly feminine hairdresser. Alexander McQueen showed me a stronger and more powerful steering wheel.The taste of the screen and Giambattista met the trend with subtle delicacy. #Niedlich.
Pop in: Thornton · Bregach, Alexander McQueen, Giambattista Valli

2. Denim

At first it is not new, Denim is rare in trends. But this summer is not that much. Double denim triple denim. Hey, why do not you wear a denim cap? You have our word that it is a good look.
Discovery: Versace, Versander, Alexander McQueen, Tibi

3. Tranche

Demolished, expanded, sandwiched … In this summer, the iconic trench coat has a variety of shapes. And frankly, we are all in the game.

S4. Sheer outer

Exhibitors inside you are one of the most prominent trends of the season and it will be nice to know that this summer is more chic, as your facial expression becomes more evident. Like Emilia Wickstead, then add an appearance with long hem and high collar. We will probably wear the best.
Title: Christopher Cain, Emilia Wickstead, Pringle of Scotland
By plaster: Rowe, Selines, Maison Margiela

5. pastel

They are rarely overwhelmed, but in many cases they cast a shadow on Crayola’s counterparts. Also, rather than emphasizing or emphasizing the expression of a one-piece, she proves the power of a pastel from head to toe.
Focused: Tom Ford, Hermes, Versace

7. Plastic

Shower in April, let’s meet again. It is Chanel’s plastic cape. Is there a good way to fight bad weather? Also wipe. You do not have to tell us twice …
Dappled in: Toga, Chanel, Marc Jacobs